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Free the Science is The Electrochemical Society's initiative to move toward a future that embraces open science to further advance research in our fields. This is a long-term vision for transformative change in the traditional models of communicating scholarly research.

ECS, founded in 1902, is a trusted member-based nonprofit led by researchers for researchers. ECS advances electrochemistry and solid state science by publishing peer-reviewed scholarly journals, convening scientific meetings, and supporting emerging scientists in our fields.

The Society believes that openness democratizes access to the scientific process. To that end, ECS is committed to playing a crucial role in implementing the necessary changes. More openness in our sciences means faster progress and solutions to global challenges in human health and the sustainability of the planet.

ECS publishes over a third of its journal articles as open access. Other ECS programs that advance the shift to open science include a preprint server through a partnership with the Center for Open Science, enhanced research dissemination with Research4Life, ECS OpenCon, and expanding our publications to include more research in data sciences.

Watch the video: Why Should We #FreetheScience?

Free the Science Advisory Board

Tetsuya Osaka
Waseda University

EJ Taylor
Faraday Technologies
Craig Arnold
Princeton University

Cor Claeys

Scott Calabrese-Barton
Michigan State University

Lili Deligianni

Gerald Frankel
The Ohio State University

Fernando Garzon
Los Alamos National Lab & University of New Mexico

Robert Kostecki
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Patrick Moran
U.S. Naval Academy

Louise Page

Matt Spitzer
Center for Open Science

Brian Stoner
Research Triangle Initiative

Stuart Swirson
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Esther Takeuchi
Stony Brook University

Greg Tanenbaum

Martin Winter
Munster University

Ex Officio Members
Christina Bock
National Research Council of Canada

Roque Calvo
Executive Director and CEO
The Electrochemical Society

Karla Cosgriff
Director of Development
The Electrochemical Society
James Fenton
University of Central Florida

Jeffrey Fergus
Auburn University

Tim Gamberzky
Chief Operating Officer
The Electrochemical Society

Dennis Hess
Georgia Tech University

Yue Kuo
Texas A&M University

Johna Leddy
University of Iowa

Krishnan Rajeshwar
University of Texas - Arlington

Robert Savinell
Case Western University

Dan Scherson
Yeager Center for Electrochemical Sciences

Mary Yess
Chief Content Officer & Publisher
The Electrochemical Society