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The Electrochemical Society

taking down the walls

Scientific publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Little of that money is reinvested in the scientists actually conducting the research.

Generally, scientists (or their institutions) have to pay to have their research papers published open access in a journal. Then readers are charged to access those papers.

These fees are creating barriers that inhibit researchers from low-resource institutions or start-up ventures from accessing or publishing research critical to their fields.

Right now, scientists around the world are making discoveries imperative to the future of our planet. Electrochemists and solid state scientists, in particular, hold the keys to innovation in renewable energy, biomedical, water, sanitation, communications, transportation, and infrastructure sectors.

The problem is their innovations aren’t making the impact they should.

Free the Science seeks to remove these fees, so scientists can share their research with readers around the world, allowing more minds to think about and solve problems.

Free the Science is an effort to keep more money in research rather than in the publishing industry.

Free the Science is an initiative of The Electrochemical Society. Founded in 1902, ECS is led by scientists, for scientists. As a nonprofit member-based society, ECS is accountable to the scientists, researchers, and engineers who comprise our membership and serve on our boards and committees.

ECS advances electrochemistry and solid state science by publishing peer-reviewed scholarly journals, convening scientific meetings, and supporting emerging scientists in our fields. With Free the Science, ECS envisions a new publishing model without costs to authors and readers so that collectively we can achieve a cleaner, safer, healthier, and greener world for us all. Learn more.